Thursday, November 5, 2009

how 2 start???

ak nk start 2lis blog gk..
mcm byk nk
cmne nk mula erk??huhuhu

Sunday, March 29, 2009

feELiNg wAt?????

sat 4 da test dis sem was too dispointed 4 almost three of the test, i could say dat it was ruined my life. especially for the speaking test; when all of my group members including me made mistake when we couldn't understand what was actually the requirement of the topic gave to during the session, we suddenly got stuck n we couldn't finish the speaking test so good. for the listening test, i tink i not hd so many problems. the record played quite clear, but i can't guarantee that i cn get a high marks. During the grammar test, my hands was shivering because of the DKB that was so cold. I'd finished my grammar test before the time provided over. in the test, there were some words that so difficult to understand..hopefully i'd guess them correctly..all in all, i tink the tests for this sem is quite harder than the past sem...ehehe

Saturday, February 28, 2009 dream man???

my dream man..every girl normally have think about their dream man or prince da guy looks like,,his attitude,.education or even his pockets.. but 4 doesn't matter either the guy handsome or not,,the most important is his attitude and his willingness to be with me and accept me as who i this,,i can judge either he really love me or just wants to play around..i really hate a man who likes to cheat or just think to dream man must be an honest and polite man..i love someone who is romantic and gentleman..he know how to take care of my feeling and be nice to everyone.. i dun like people who is outspoken or love to fight even in a small matter,,in other word an egois man..because this attitude can lead to big problem in a dream man also must be an independent and know how to make decision in any situation..he confident with himself but at the same time can accept others opinions.. one more thing is he must be an educated person, who know what he wants to be and has a clear aim in his life..he can manage his life properly wherever he the way,,his family background also will be consider coz i hope i can be accept by his family well.. the last one is my dream man should be a person that i can trust and share everything with him..not only our happiness but also sadness..i hope might meet with this kind of person so that i can share my entire life with him..INSYAALLAH..^_^

Thursday, February 12, 2009

dA bESt tHiNg iN my LiFe

after thinking for so many days..i still can't decide wt is da best thing dat ever happened in my life..not sure weather i hv too many best things or have none..huhu..but mybe dis 1 can be one of them..i think the best thing or exactly said da best moment that ever happen in my life is having my upper form study..i love my previous school so much..dat is MJSC Q-Ber..hehe..if u knoe dat school situated in Terengganu too..not too far from dungun..
i said that was the best moment coz during dat time,,i had so,so and so many sweet memories with my lovely and cheerful friends,,especially my clasmate..all of them alwiz make me happy and smile..we can share or play everythng..make jokes or even make "experiment"..haha..we alwiz spend time 2gether even after clas..walking around our school or play games..most of my clasmate are hockey player..we had our practice everyday..i can say that we can cooperate almost all things..
at night..we had our 'prep' session..we discussed our subjects and finished the homework..but if one of us starts to talk, then the session turned to conference..hihi..u noe wt i mean rite..when it comes around the SPM,,we started to nervous..and study hard for the exam..feel like robot..huhu
on the last day of the exam,,we had our batch's dinner..all of us dressing and njoy da last day of our school life..huhu so sad i placed da picture of all my frens..

Friday, February 6, 2009

Oh nO..chAngIng mysELf??!

"...EVERYBODY wish to changes themselves..go early 2 clas..bcomes more perfect..and so on..same goes to me..there r so many things dat i want to change bout myself..the first thing dat i want n i hv 2 change is not easily trust is a very difficult as normally,,i easily trust people who kinds to me..n i tink it is not,,i wish 2 be more hardworking especially in studies..i hv 2 spend most of my time 2 concentrate in my studies..n try to not wasting my time on things dat is not important such as sleeping or chatting..huhu..comes 2 point on sleeping..i think i hv problem 2 encounter dis one.. now im on my trying 2 avoid spends a lot of time on then i can use the time 2 study or finish my assignment..the next one is i wish 2 b more confident when i speak in front of others..n i tink dis one is the most important thing that i hv 2 do if i want 2 change myself.."

Sunday, January 25, 2009

aDuSss..My mIDtErm OlieDay..

oooo...olidays coming..huhu..dunno wt 2 share oliday not rily interesting coz normally i juz spend my oliday at home..same goes 2 dis oliday..1st n 2nd day..i juz sleep n eat..hehe..tanks 2 BOB..he ask me 2 sleep more at home so then i'll not sleep early at u after the midterm..huhuhu..n i think i hd follow his advise..hehe..erm,,2day..i went out 2 town n met with my lovely fwems..they r my frens when i was in form 4 n form 5..i miss them so much..huhu..we spent a lot of tme talking bout our studies n our life..then we played bowling n ate pizza..i was do enjoy 2day..but when thinking of lab report n other assignment..the epy moOd fly away..huk3..i havent finished my lab report n assignment i think i should spend da rest of my oliday 2 cmplete my work 1st..COME N JOIN ME..hehehe

Thursday, January 15, 2009

My XpErIeNcE bEiNg a UitmT stUdEnt 4 OnE sEm..

1st come 2 dis cmpus,,i was so xcited..dunno what kind of life may i hve in dis new place..
start on da registration day..there were too many students dat cOme from diff city..settle bout da registration, i got in2 my rOom n t8 rest..1st fren i met here of course my rumate namely sue n bie..they were both from Terengganu..In da MMS week..i hd met with many other students from other courses..
after MMS week..den da lcture taking chemical den i got 2 know all my childish clasmate..hek3!! clas stands for 16 guys n 6 gurl ONLY!!!huk2..n bcuz of we r juz 6,,then now we r too close n alwiz spend tme 2gether..
during last really epy study dis course bcuz of da lcturer n also da fellow frens..they make me enjoy study also having my fasting month with my frens in cmpus..its quiet diff having it here compare 2 during my previous school..
after raye..den we start 2 bursting bcuz now its time 2 study rily2 hard for da coming final exam..most of us were under pressure..huhu..we hd try da bez 2 score our final sem..thank GOD..we finally finish our exam week with a big smile..hehe
b4 go home..our clas was held a party 2 celebrate our last day being semester 1 student..our lovely lec..dat is mdm bibah also join us..da next da..most of us were now going home..n waiting day by day 4 curious lor..huhuh
4 my frens of EHD1CB n now EHD2CB...lets we start our new sem dis year wif new intention 2 b more STRUGGLE!!!n strive 4 xcellent..